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mark yamon May 7 '18
After a stellar Super Bowl match, most Americans probably started their console or visited their PC to experience a couple of games on EA Sports’ latest Madden title, Madden NFL 18, in an attempt to either prove the Eagles deserved to win or modify the result and present Tom Brady another ring. However, EA Sports released an update for Madden NFL 18 to deal with several reported issues nhl 18 coins .

Madden NFL 18 update 1.10 addressed the Weak Box exploit manager, that was reported by a number of players recently. There is a developer’s note explaining why and exactly how the issue occurs and just how they addressed it. Not only that, several various issues were fixed too, including defenders giving up about the play any time a broken tackle animation occurs and QBs while using Gunslinger Ability not throwing bullet passes similar to their perk lets them. Here is the update’s patch notes:

Madden NFL 18 adds a different single-player story mode called Longshot. Players are put to the role of Devin Wade, a quarterback from Texas using a checkered past, as they and his friend Colt make an effort to make it all the way to the NFL. EA Tiburon set the bar high due to this new mode in Madden as well as enlisted the aid of Amy Hennig and also the folks at Bioware if this came time for it to develop the story plot.

Longshot finally ends up being a couple of and a half hours long and features numerous environments and seamless transitions that keep players wanting more. EA spared no expense within the production of the sport mode with Mahershala Ali leading a cast of voice actors which includes NFL Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino. It isn’t how much money that went into Longshot that matters, it's the fact that it turned out a fun game to experiment with. Throughout the campaign, players must make bold choices that matter. Those decisions shape the results of the tale with multiple win states. Player choices and gratifaction determines if Devin, Colt, or both of them are drafted to the NFL.